Battlefield 1 Alpha Data Mining Showcases Weapons, Maps and More

With the closed alpha for Battlefield 1 well under way, leaks have begun to surface from some of its participants who’ve noted all of the game’s contents through datamining. One of the players, going by Lobix300, shared some of his findings over on reddit. He made sure to apologize for breaching the non-disclosure agreement before sharing the information with the public.

As with any early leaks, these details are certainly subject to change. The new details come in the wake of last week’s leaked screenshots which showcased the game’s UI and menus.

According to the datamined information, the game’s campaign takes place over seven episodes including a prologue and epilogue. A few of its characters have been revealed as Pritchard, Mcmanus, Finch, Townsend and Edwards.

The game is also set to launch with at least 10 multiplayer maps:

  • MP_Amiens
  • MP_Chateau
  • MP_Desert
  • MP_FaoFortress
  • MP_Forest
  • MP_Argonne
  • MP_ItalianCoast
  • MP_MountainFort
  • MP_Scar
  • MP_Suez

Players can currently customize their soldier with 11 skins and play in seven different game modes.

Battlefield 1 launches on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on October 21.