Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha Screenshots Leaked: UI, Server Browser, Tickrate and More

1’s Closed Alpha is currently running, and with it, some of its players have leaked out early screenshots (with contents subject to change later on, of course) of the game’s server browser, loadout UI, lobbies, and menus.

The reddit user who leaked the screenshots will almost certainly be banned by EA and DICE for leaking the images if his account is found out, but from what we can see—the developers have nothing to worry about as the menus look pretty damn good. If anything, they’ll serve to build the ever-increasing hype for the game, which already looks like one of the more impressive shooters to come out this year.

The build appears to be the same as the one E3 players were treated to, with the St. Quentin Scar map as the game’s only currently playable level.

Interestingly, the new screenshots show that DICE has brought a return of the in-game server browser (at least on the PC) that allows players to choose where to play, with all of the server specs revealed within the description, including its tickrate. Interestingly, Battlefield 1 has a tickrate of 60Hz, which is double what Battlefield 4 launched with. For those not in the know, the tickrate is the amount of times a server and client communicate with each other each second. Games with a low tickrate, such as Overwatch, tend to be debilitating to highly competitive players by capping their reflexes.

The screenshots also offer a first look at the new Squad system and gives us a glimpse at the loadout customization feature that lets players choose their weapons and equipment before heading into battle.

Check them out below.