Gul’dan & Auriel Characters Announced For Heroes of the Storm

Two new heroes were announced for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm. After publishing a video of what’s to come for their MOBA title, it was unveiled that Blizzard’s Gul’dan from Warcraft along with Auriel, a character from Diablo, will soon be heading towards Heroes of the Storm.

The competitive MOBA video game from Blizzard Entertainment, Heroes of the Storm, will soon have new heroes along with two new maps. As mentioned, the two new heroes are Gul’dan and Auriel, both of which will have costumes for players to choose from.

Gul’dan will come with a Master skin along with the Balespider skin while Auriel will have both the Master and Demonic skin to sport within the game. Additionally, it seems that there are two new maps which are based off the StarCraft video game, gamers can expect to see Braxis Holdout and Warhead Junction.

New mounts will also come into play with there being Crimson Hare, Obsidian Cyber Wolf, Demonic Hellsteed, Elemental Lizard, and lastly an Epic Elemental Lizard. Check out the latest trailer posted above where you can see both upcoming characters in action. Furthermore, down below is the Heroes of the Storm gallery.