Layers of Fear Gets “Inheritance” DLC


A game I personally loved when it came out back in February was Layers of Fear. The player plays an unnamed painter that explores the insanity of his own mind, taking us through a trip of his past.

The painter of Layers of Fear had a daughter, and now we get to see her perspective.

The painter’s daughter managed to survive the madness of her childhood. In the original game, her final fate wasn’t entirely known. But as it seems from the trailer, she managed to grow up somewhere much safer than her original home. But here she is, coming back to her Father’s manor, to seemingly get some closure on the traumatic events she faced.

Inheritance promises to stay true to the psychedelic qualities of the base game, but give us a new narrative experience that helps reveal more of the overarching Layers of Fear story-line. It arrives on August 2nd for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more information, check out their Twitter, Facebook, and Website.