STASIS Gets Free Spin-off Chapter Update

StasisHeaderSTASIS released way back at the end of August 2015, and it ended receiving a few awards as well as a decent Metacritic score. As of today, the game’s developers have officially announced an upcoming free update called CAYNE: A STASIS STORY.

To give you a preview of what to expect, here’s a video of CAYNE‘s environments.

You’ll play a pregnant women named Hadley, who finds herself in the midst of a harrowing medical facility somewhere in the STASIS universe. She was supposed to have some sort of routine operation done, but somewhere things went horribly wrong. Much like STASIS, you’ll explore the environment from an isometric point of view. But the graphics are more detailed due to the framework in place for the game’s new engine. This story is standalone, which means you wouldn’t need to have played the original STASIS game to follow along with the plot.

CAYNE is set arrive by the end of 2016 for both PC and Mac. To see more news about the game, check out the developer blog, Twitter, and Facebook. The original STASIS game is heavily discounted during the Steam Summer Sale, so if you want to buy it now’s a good time.