Beamdog Wants to Resurrect Icewind Dale

Former BioWare employee and current Beamdog head, Trent Oster has revealed on Twitter that his studio is interested in an Icewind Dale ressurection, in addition their current smorgashboard of remakes and dreams.

Oster tweeted that the idea has been discussed on multiple occassions, but the studio's current focus is the enhanced edition of the original Baldur's Gate.

I think it's great that Beamdog wants to give new life to the old classics; I really do.

My issue is that they're sort of doing what Square Enix does so often, which is discuss these ideas or ambitions that don't currently exist and may never. I think that's bad and detrimental to your audiences expectations. People only think of the good that could come out of a possibility; not the bad or that it may not happen at all.

"We're doing BG1/2! We wanna do BG3 after! And maybe Icewind Dale!"

Great. I'm happy for you, truly. But in my opinion, developers should almost never discuss ideas that only exist in their head or on a notepad. It's a mistake often made, that rarely pans out well.