Twin-Stick Shooter Kill Strain Heads To PlayStation 4 This July

From the development team San Diego Studio, mostly known for their line of NBA and MLB video games, comes Kill Strain, a new twin-stick shooter. According to the posting made on the PlayStation blog, gamers can pick up mech mutant shooter mashup starting on July 12, 2016.

Zach Thomas, the community manager for San Diego Studio, has taken to the PlayStation blog in order to officially announce the release of Kill Strain. For those of you who may not be aware of Kill Strain, this is a twin-stick shooter that was announced in 2014, during the PlayStation Experience event.

Kill Strain is a PvP-centric video game that pins three teams against each other, teams are split between humans and mutants. While the game mechanics of Kill Strain acts similar to a twin-stick shooter, gameplay resembles that of a common MOBA title.

Essentially, there are three ways to win the game and that includes turning all of the normal human players into mutants, destroying the opposing teams base, and lastly ranking up scores when the timer ends for the game match.

After its 2014 announcement, we’re nearing the video game launch date. Zach Thomas has alerted games that PlayStation 4 owners can get Kill Strain starting on July 12, 2016, but only if they are active PlayStation Plus members. If you’re not a PlayStation Plus member then you’ll have to wait until July 19, 2016, when the game becomes available for everyone.