Hotline Miami 2 Gets A Level Editor


The Hotline Miami 2 level editor just went live and out of beta. Gamers who enjoyed the game and wish to keep on playing new challenging, whacky community-made levels are now treated on the Steam Workshop with over 800 extra stages. (700+ single player and almost 100 campaigns at the time of writing).

Developer Dennaton Games had this to say: “Thank you so much for your patience and help over the extended development of the level editor, Without your passion, help, and feedback this would not have been possible. Now please go make Hotline Miami 3!”

We tried playing through a collection of levels called The Lost Tapes and we can highly recommend giving them a try.


As of now, the level editor is only available on PC. When asked about a console release, Dennaton Games stated that “The way the editor works now, NPCs won’t be available on levels with enemies. And most likely the editor will not be available on PS4, though we’re looking into releasing packs of levels from the community on the console versions.”

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number was released back in March of 2015 and was received very well as one of the best stylized, violent and surreal top-down shooters we have ever played. You can pick it up on PC, PS4, PS Vita, PS3, and also Android phones.