Cliff Bleszinski on What Makes Lawbreakers Different From Overwatch

LawbreakersHeaderCliff Bleszinski’s Lawbreakers had one of it’s first mainstream Alpha tests this weekend, marking the first time the game was more widely available for the public to get their hands on it.  Eurogamer was able to interview Cliff at E3 and have a discussion about what makes Lawbreakers it’s own game, differentiating from perceived counterparts such as Overwatch.

“There is some overlap in regards to the fact that we have characters and guns and weapons and whatnot, but the thing is that our art style is a little bit more gritty. Theirs is kind of, super bright colors, almost animeish characters,” Cliff says. “They’re going for a bazillion different characters, while we’re going initially with less is more, and we’re ramping up to find our balance.”

Bleszinski pressed on the train of thought even further. “In Overwatch, if I enter a room with four, five, six people from the other team, I don’t stand a chance of really taking them all out. If you’re really good at this game with any of the different roles and classes, you can take out an entire team.”

Lawbreakers is set to release sometime in 2016 for PC.