Paragon’s Latest Hero Khaimera Now Available

The latest hero for Epic Games Paragon is available for gamers who are enjoying the paid Early Access title. This latest hero is known as Khaimera who is the first duelist for the video game and will make for a great character for isolating targets and disrupting team fights. Check out the newest Hero character in action within the video above along with some gallery screenshots below.

As mentioned, Khaimera is a duelist who is armed with axes and can make for a great high reward melee fighter if he is able to get close to his opponents. Khaimera also comes with an ability called Spirit Regeneration, which will give him a temporary health regen, while his ultimate ability will allow him to select an enemy hero to root and deal damage to.

Noted within the press release that was sent over earlier today, Epic Games Paragon will release new heroes for the in-game rooster every three weeks. Be sure to keep an eye out on the official Paragon website to get the latest information for upcoming heroes and when they will be unlocked for free.

For the Paragon video game, players can enjoy the PC version in Early Access mode while the PC and PlayStation 4 open beta will launch for free on August 16, 2016.