Blizzard Esports Recaps & Updates


A new press release was sent out earlier today that gives a slight recap and updates to some of the ESpots events Blizzard Entertainment is throwing together. For instance, currently the Hearthstone Spring Championships are going on right now and these past two weeks, Europe and Asia-Pacific have been battling it out. However, Americas championship will be coming up this weekend.

Each championship within the Hearthstone spring competition will hold $25,000 for the grand prize winner. Asia Pacific already has its four top winners with Handsomeguy taking first for $25,000 and a locked-in spot for the Hearthstone World Championships at BlizzCon.

Likewise over the past week, the Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championships were held and the South Korea team Tempest came out on top earning a grand total of $150,000. That’s certainly not a bad haul from the Nexus.

Currently, eyes are on the Hearthstone Americas Spring Championships which are held on June 25-26 starting at 9:00 AM PDT. It’s here that the following players will duke it out in order to claim a spot for the Hearthstone World Championships.

  • Bradford “Bradfordlee” Grant
  • Julien “Cydonia” Perrault-Harvey
  • Jason “Deerjason” Niu
  • Rui “Duane” Yang
  • Joey “Joster” Preziosi
  • Jason “Napoleon” Li
  • Francisco “PNC” Fraga Leimontas
  • Rosty “Rosty” Elkun