Mafia III Underbosses May Turn On You

During E3 this year, we got to see more gameplay and trailer footage of the upcoming Mafia III video game. Now we have even more details about the game thanks to an interview between 2K’s Aaron Cooper and Mafia III lead writer Bill Harms. It turns out that the Mafia III underbosses may very well turn on Lincoln Clay if they feel betrayed.

Within Mafia III, players take on the role of Lincoln Clay in a city known as New Bordeaux. The time period is within the late sixties where civil rights and Vietnam are two very crucial key factors being dealt within the society. Lincoln Clay has a vendetta against Sal Marcano for killing the black mob and thanks to his ability to sway people’s interest, Clay manages to gather three distinctive underbosses for his help.

The three underbosses are Cassandra, a leader of the Haitian gang, Thomas Burke, a member of the Irish mob, and Vito Scaletta, the protagonist from Mafia II. Each of these underbosses also comes packed with perks and bonuses so as players control the nine districts within the game they are ultimately able to give it to an underboss for control.

This is where the various perks and bonuses may come in as Bill Harms described. For example, players may like Cassandra more than Thomas, but Thomas may have a perk or bonus that may be more appealing in a particular district.

Likewise, if an underboss feels that they are being undercut compared to the rest then players may have a revolt to deal with. You can check out the full interview within the video above and prepare to take over the streets of New Bordeaux when the game launches on October 7, 2016, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.