Hideo Kojima Not Interested in Large Western Studio

Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima is not interested in growing Kojima Productions to the size of his old Konami-owned company.

The developer told Polygon that his new company and his old company had entirely different goals. “About the LA studio, the mission was, at that point, to put something out from the IP line every year,” Kojima said, with “two [franchises] running in parallel in Tokyo and LA.”

With Kojima Productions—which just announced Death Stranding—the studio wants to create “something as handmade as possible.” He’s not thinking so much about “[product lines].”


“I’m not thinking about doing a huge Western studio,” Kojima added. However, he does intend on hiring a staff of folks from “all over the world.”

“I can’t say exactly how many we are right now, but when we started up last December it was only four people including me,” he said. “In a temporary office, all we had was a desk and a seat and a computer and that’s it.”

In May, Kojima said he was looking to keep his studio small—around 100 employees—so he could stay “connected” to everyone.

PlayStation exclusive Death Stranding is still somewhat of a mystery. It’ll star The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.