Kojima Productions Announces Death Stranding

IllKeepComingHeaderHideo Kojima took to the stage at Sony’s E3 Press Conference to announce the first game from his new studio since his fallout with Konami. The game is called Death Stranding, and it’s coming exclusively to PS4. Norman Reedus will be a central character in some way.

The trailer itself is more of an artistic piece of some kind. An unnamed man (Norman Reedus) is on a beach and he grabs hold of what appears to be his baby. Soon after that, the baby disappears and the man slowly grows to accept that it’s no longer there, but the scars remain. The man follows the shadows he sees, and he looks up to see five figures in the sky. Surrounding him on the beach are piles upon piles of dead fish, and the overall feeling to the viewer is like that of a surrealist painting.

Kojima Productions released this official poster for the game, which you can analyze every last pixel of to your heart’s content for hidden clues and secrets.