Full Kojima Productions Mascot Revealed

Kojima Productions

Since the nasty break off with Konami, Hideo Kojima has been quietly working on his next project. Equipped with a partnership with Sony and his own studio, Kojima Productions, little is known about the next Hideo Kojima video game, though we are finally getting new details about the company logo.

The new logo was unleashed online through Hideo Kojima’s official Twitter account. According to the recent tweets from his account, the new icon is named Ludens and he’s wearing an extra-vehicular activity creative suit. Apparently, Ludens is not part of the upcoming video game production from Kojima, though it does flesh out the original icon a bit more.

From what we know so far, the next project that Hideo Kojima plans to bring out will be an AAA action title. Furthermore, Kojima hopes to bring out a video game for players who enjoyed the Uncharted series along with The Division.

Before the split from Konami, Hideo Kojima was set to work on a promising Silent Hill video game installment. It’s exciting to see just what the famed developer has up his sleeves and after partnering up with Sony, we’re sure there are a few ideas that the developer had an interest in exploring for a video game.