There’s Now a Dark Souls III First Person Mode Mod

FirstPersonModeDark Souls III released at the end of March, and throughout the month of April things looked grim as Bandai Namco was rushing to fix the cheating online, along with other glitches, crashes, and errors. It’s high time we finally got some light hearted Dark Souls III news. It comes in the form of a first person mod for the game. Iron Pineapple uploaded a demonstration video to their YouTube channel of what the experience is like.

Zulliethewitch made theĀ Dark Souls III first person mod, and she has the previous experiences of Dark SoulsĀ and Dark Souls II under her belt. It seems to remind early adopters of the mod about the early days of FromSoftware, when they made the first person King’s Field games. This mod isn’t a perfect adaptation of what Dark Souls III in first person mode would be like, but it’s a close enough experience to still be an enjoyable outing. If you want to download it and give it a go, you can do so here.