ReCore Gets Gameplay Trailer, Release Date

RecoreHeaderProduced by Keiji Inafune in partnership with Microsoft Studios, ReCore was recently leaked with new screenshots before E3. Today during Microsoft’s Press Conference, we got to see this action-adventure title up close for the first time with a gameplay trailer.

You play Joule Adams as she travels from Earth to the desert world of Far Eden, to rebuild mankind. She awakes from cryosleep to see that things have gone terribly wrong, and she needs to explore what happened to this far off colony. Rogue robots and sandstorms aim to spice up your gameplay, where you’ll have to make split second decisions. Mack is your Robot dog companion, and he’ll help Joule along the way. Seth is a spider robot known as the “Escape Artist”, and Duncan is the “heavy hitter” robot. You will also have the ability to create custom Corebots from scrap parts, and share them with friends online.

ReCore releases to Windows 10 and Xbox One on September 13th. For the latest updates, check out their website and Twitter.