Project Scorpio Announced. 4K Gaming On Xbox!



Microsoft ended its conference today with little snippets of information about Project Scorpio. Along with the Xbox One and Xbox One S, Project Scorpio is a completely overhauled Xbox that can deliver¬†4K gaming and high frame-rate to the console market. Although information on specs are very scarce (we don’t even know what it looks like), what we learned is enough to get some of us excited.

Another focus of Project Zero will be VR. As we saw from the VR units released on PC today, they require a lot of processing and GPU power that the current consoles just don’t possess. Anyone who tested the Sony VR for the PS4 will be able to attest to that. I think this step is necessary for Xbox not only to be able to stay relevant in the VR market, but to also close a bit of the gap between consoles and PC gaming in terms of sheer graphical performance.

Current Xbox One owners don’t need to be worried, tho. Microsoft promises that every¬†game will be compatible with all Xbox One models along with the Scorpio. It’ll just happen to run better in the more powerful machine. So, I guess if you’re not into VR and have no problem with running games at the current state you’re getting, then you can just keep on gaming on your current console just fine.

Project Scorpio will be released during the holidays season 2017. It’ll feature a 6 Teraflops of GPU power and an 8-core CPU. We will keep you updated once more data is available.