The Next Quake Game Revealed

Quake Champions

We did not expect to see a major announcement from id Software so soon. The successful release of DOOM is still very recent and we still didn’t even get the first DLC pack before getting a sneak peek at what they have in plan for us in the near future: Quake Champions.

It seems Quake Champions will be a hero-based arena shooter with a focus on eSports. Id Software director Tim Willits made it a point to brag about the PC-only game’s technical prowess running at 120Hz and unlocked frame-rate.

The trailer shows off a cast of various characters. One I found interesting was the re-imagined main protagonist from the first Quake Game that even had the same grunt when he got shot in the trailer. I thought that was a nice touch. We also see an armored alien-looking character that reminds me of the Strogg, the main enemies of Quake 2. A new addition was a neon-haired female character with some sort of a teleportation ability.

More about the game will be revealed during QuakeCon this year. I personally hope that there will be a single player mode somewhere there, but for now, have a look at the reveal trailer below and let us know what you think.