See a New Season 3 Trailer for Telltale’s Walking Dead

TWD4Hot off the E3 announcements train comes another Telltale game. While earlier today we got new information about the Batman series the company is doing, we also now have a new look at Season 3 for The Walking Dead. We don’t learn much in this new video, but it’s certainly enough to spark your interest in the series once more. In an interesting shift of tone, it seems as if the zombies are the ones being hunted rather acting as the hunters this time.

A zombie begins to feast on his evening meal of human flesh, but he’s shot in the head by what’s revealed to be a much older Clementine character. She’s with a male companion, who comments that the creature they’ve slain is marked in a specific way, indicating they’re nearing whether their journey’s destination is. Robert Kirkman stated that the game would be nearing the same point as the comic timeline, meaning that we could expect more comic related events to take place in the game itself this time.

The Walking Dead video game Season 3 releases starting this Fall.