Titanfall 2 Details Announced Ahead of EA’s E3 Conference

T2ReleaseDateEarlier leaked via an EA presentation rehearsal video, the release date and many new features surrounding Titanfall 2 have been formally revealed. Alongside six new titans, there will be expanded pilot gameplay, more customization options, and a more fleshed out progression system. Before the game’s launch, there will be multiplayer related “technical tests” to help stress test the Multiplayer feature’s limitations. To enroll in this testing program, go to titanfall.com.

Vince Zampella of Respawn noticed the snafu, and decided to release a high quality version of the trailer ahead of the conference. “maybe this is more exciting ?!!! Trying to make lemonade here,” he tweeted to me.

The rumors about a singleplayer campaign were entirely true, and it will indeed be a prominent part of Titanfall 2‘s game. It’ll be playable offline, and the story is centered around the “unique bond” between Pilot and Titan, delivering combat moments where the player is left feeling like an unstoppable fighting force. The trailer itself depicts a Titan telling his Commanding Officers that his pilot was killed in action, and that he had to relink to someone else because he had “no other options.” The rest of the trailer shows action sequences and combat that seem to emphasize both a separation between Pilot and Titan, but also how much they accomplish working as a team.

Titanfall 2 arrives on October 28th this year for Xbox One, PS4, and (Origin) PC.