Tokyo 42 Early Alpha Build Gameplay Shown Off

Paul from Mode 7 takes viewers through the world of Tokyo 42, an upcoming open world video game by developers SMAC games, that was inspired by titles such as the original Grand Theft Auto and Syndicate. Take a look at the early alpha build of the game posted right above.

Within the video game Tokyo 42, players take on the role of a freelance assassin who will take on jobs that will require the execution of highly sinister forces. So far the video game is still in early development and will not be ready to release until the first quarter of next year, 2017. Additionally, it was not stated just what platforms will be available for Tokyo 42, but we do know that the game will not be present during this year’s E3.

For now, this early gameplay footage is all we’ll have for the video game at this point. Although, with that said, the footage does show off a number of exciting aspects about the game such as the multiplayer levels in which players will disguise themselves as they pick up weapons and burst out of cover to annihilate their opponent.

Likewise, take a look at the Tokyo 42 gallery posted right down below.