Third Elusive Hitman Target Selected


The next elusive target for Hitman, which will mark as the third Elusive Target from Square Enix, has been revealed. A press release was sent out giving some details as to who you’re next target will be and this time around, you’ll have seventy-two hours to make the hit. If you choose to take on the elusive target challenge, prepare to assassinate The Prince.

As revealed through a press release and a blog post on the official Hitman website, your next target will be The Prince who will be dropping in on Wednesday June 8, 2016, at 6:00 PDT. You will be able to find The Prince in Sapienza and as always, there won’t be any second chances. If you fail then you lost the opportunity to take out the hit

If this happens to be the first Elusive Target you’ll be taking part in then here’s a quick recap. For starters, Elusive Targets are NPCs tossed into the game for a limited amount of real-time. Players will only get one chance to take them down and if they fail to assassinate the target, they are unable to retry the mission.

Furthermore, Elusive Targets will not show up in the map or through the use of Instinct. Instead, players will have to identify them through the limited amount of intel they are givne. If successfully completing an Elusive Target challenge, players will earn in-game rewards.