Grimm TV Show Gets a Card Game

GrimmCardsOfFateFeaturedHeaderThe NBC TV show Grimm now has a mobile card game tie-in called Grimm: Cards of Fate.

For people unaware of the Grimm series is about. Nick Burkhardt is a cop at the Portland Police Department. But, one day he learns he has the responsibility of maintaining order between the human world and the Wesen world of creatures, with extra help from a Wesen named Monroe, along with Detective partner Hank Griffin.

The cards you can collect include the main characters (Nick, Juliette, Rosalee, etc), along with creature cards like Blutland and Fuchsbau. One of the main gameplay elements of the card game is evolving and enhancing your cards via fusion, to create powerful ones. The game also has a variety of puzzles and quests, based on hidden object searches and matching 3 of a kind mini-games. These quests are based on individual episodes of the show, which is meant to create a “Watch and Play” type of adventure. This is meant to provide a balance to the card collection and battling aspect of the game. But if the card game is what you’re after here, you have the ability to play against other people online and in tournaments.

“Our unique Watch and Play experience means that fans can relive the experience of their favorite episodes and creatures from Grimm,” said Midverse Studios CEO Rizwan Virk.  “Moreover, when the show is on the air, we will be able to release content related to that episode immediately for a truly unique, integrated trans-media experience.  In this way, the mobile game becomes an extension of the show.”

Grimm: Cards of Fate is available now for iOS and Android.