This War of Mine: The Little Ones Comes to PC

This War of Mine: The Little Ones already came out on PS4 and Xbox One, but PC users now get the chance to experience the expansion to This War of Mine for themselves.

The premise of The Little Ones adds an additional layer of conditions to the overall This War of Mine game. In addition to keeping a group of adult survivors alive, you now must balance the needs of children in the mix as well. They see the world differently than adults, which has an effect on their reactions to events.

For people unfamiliar with the plot of This War of Mine, it’s a survival strategy game where a group of survivors must outlast the war taking place in the city of Pogoren, Graznavia. You must use the materials around you to the best of your ability, while taking care to maintain hunger, mood, and overall health levels. During the day, you’re stuck inside because of snipers preventing your escape. You use that time to maintain your shelter and make sure everyone in your group is doing fine. At night, you can travel out into the world and gather resources to help your group get by.


You can buy This War of Mine: The Little Ones on Steam and GamesRepublic. $1 from every purchase goes to War Child, which is a charity dedicated to helping children stuck in conflicted areas of the world.