Dead Island 2 Not Dead Yet According To Deep Silver


Fans of the Dead Island video game got quite the scare yesterday when reports started to spread online when its sequels Steam Page suddenly disappeared. Dead Island 2 had issues before in the video game’s development process though with the entire Steam Page was taken down, most gamers suspected the worst. Turns out that the game is still very much in-development.

Deep Silver, the publisher of Dead Island and Dead Island 2 alerted to Game Watcher that the video game development for Dead Island 2 was still going strong. However, there’s no word as to why the Steam page was taken down abruptly.

“Dead Island 2 is in development with Sumo Digital. Once we have new details to share, we will do so.”

We reported on the Dead Island 2 Steam page take down yesterday in which we gave a bit of insight as to the development progress with the game, including its grand reveal at E3 2014 to the different game development teams that took charge of the title production.

Even though it was noted that Dead Island 2 was still being developed by Sumo Digital, we can’t help but wonder why the game page for Steam was taken down completely. Out of speculation, perhaps the game page will be updated with new screenshots and information. Likewise, we may hear more about the current development progress at this year’s E3 expo.