Minecraft Console Editions Receiving Free Minigames


If you own Minecraft on PC then chances are you’ve already enjoyed a number of custom minigames. Microsoft will soon mimic those minigames to bring onto the console platform of Minecraft. The first minigame to be released for free according to Microsoft’s post is Battle, or otherwise known as Hunger Games for most PC Minecraft gamers.

The console version of Minecraft does lack in a few areas, one of those areas was custom games that players could enjoy the PC version of the game. Microsoft is now attempting to close the gap by releasing similar minigames for the console platform for free.

As mentioned, the first minigame coming to the console version of Minecraft is called Battle. For PC Minecraft players, this is a mimic of Hunger Games. Players will be given a short amount of time to race towards a chest and pick up weapons, food, and material, with the ultimate goal of eliminating all the other players in the game.

While it seems that gamers will get the update for free, it does not appear that players will have the ability to create their own maps. Additionally, there will be DLC that offers three maps per pack that will run $2.99.

It will be interesting to see what other minigames Microsoft will bring onto the Minecraft console platforms. For instance, another popular minigame that is often played on the PC platform of Minecraft is Hide-and-Seek. This particular minigame divides players into two teams, the seekers and the hiders. Hiders are transformed into a world block and must hide within the world map while seeks are forced into determining what blocks are real and what blocks are actually players before time runs out.