There’s a Newly Released Vermintide DLC, “Drachenfels”


Last year’s Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide was a surprising success on Steam. The first person shooter released back in October 2015, and took players to war with against the Skaven Rat hordes. Vermintide has received a few updates since then – but the release of Drachenfels marks one of the biggest updates yet for the game. Fatshark uploaded a trailer showcasing the new DLC expansion.

With Drachenfels, you have 3 new adventure maps to experience. Battle across Castle Drachenfels, survive the dark depths of The Dungeons, and stop Skaven reinforcements from arriving by halting their advances from Summoner’s Peak. The game also updates with additional features, such as Torches and Traps. The Waywatcher character has a new Glaive weapon, while the Witch Hunter now has a Volley Crossbow to use in fights. Commerorate your glorious battles with 3 new achievements you can earn. The Vermintide website has an entire change log of what’s new in Update 1.3, if you want to see the specific revisions that were recently made.

To go along with the DLC’s release, the base game is free to play this weekend on Steam. If you enjoy it, you also have the chance of buying it 40% off.