Check Out This Amazing D.Va Overwatch Cosplay


Overwatch released a few days ago, and is already considered a smashing success for Blizzard. A cosplayer named Aza Miyuko decided to dress up as D.Va, the tank hero that pilots a mech in the Overwatch universe. For those of you unfamiliar with D.Va herself, watch this overview video from Blizzard. It’ll help you appreciate the inspiration that Aza had for her costume of the character.

Aza has been in the cosplay scene for more than a few years now. In the wide range of roles she’s willing to try, you’ll find her dressed up as Harley Quinn, Sweetheart Sona from League of Legends, a World of Warcraft Blood Elf, and Nishikino Maki from Love Live!. She’s even willing to jump into the water for a One Piece related cosplay.

If you’re interested in taking a look around at her content, check out her website or Facebook page.