Portal 2’s Puzzle Creator in Beta, Launching with Steam Workshop Support

Last October, Valve announced that they were hard at work on a simple but powerful Puzzle Creator for Portal 2, which would allow anyone to easily design and share new content.

Though the editor has yet to be given a firm release date, Valve's Erik Johnson and Chet Faliszeck have now confirmed to PC Gamer that it's entered into beta testing, indicating that a public launch is right around the corner.

The pair also announced that the Puzzle Creator will be integrated with the Steam Workshop, which allows modders to easily share their creations with the gaming public. At the moment, the service is limited to custom TF2 weapons and Skyrim mods, but its accessible interface and user rating system should be an excellent fit for finding the best player-created Portal 2 puzzles.

Faliszeck also revealed that Steam Workshop support is coming to another popular Valve franchise, Left 4 Dead, presumably as a centralized hub for sharing and finding player-created campaigns.