Mighty No. 9 “Masterclass” Trailer Mocked By Fans, Developer and Sonic the Hedgehog

The recently released Mighty No.9 launch trailer has received a multitude of responses since going live earlier today. Fans of the game did not like what they saw, voicing their derision of the trailer in the comments on YouTube, Twitter, and gaming forums.

The trailer wasn’t simply derided for its poor quality graphics, but also for its bad jokes that denigrated the game’s audience. According to the trailer, you’ll “make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night.”

The trailer currently has 8 times more downvotes on YouTube than upvotes, and most of the top comments refer to the number of times the game has been delayed. The trailer, which is titled “Masterclass,” may be a masterclass in how not to market a game.

Even the official Sonic the Hedgehog account joined in on the action with a hilarious tweet.

Posting on Twitter, one of the game’s developers Takuya Aizu called the Masterclass trailer “unforgivable,” and condemned it.