id Software: Those Leaked Doom 4 Images are Fake

Early this week many were reporting that Doom 4 was allegedly cancelled. It was around this time that some screenshots and concept art relating to the game was leaked as well. The above image was one of the pieces of concept art that was leaked. id has now refuted both the claims that the game has been cancelled as well as discussing the leaked images.

No one has actually said the images are or are not related to the game; Matt Hooper, design director of Rage tweeted that the leaked images "have nothing to do with what you're gonna see in Doom 4." Hooper also noted, "When we officially show things you'll see awesome." In an @ reply to a user Hooper said that once the game is revealed, "fans will be happy."

The images seem to show hell arriving on Earth, this has lead many fans to predict that the game will be a remake of sorts or at least a nod to Doom 2: Hell on Earth. I've never been a huge fan of the series but I am glad to see that it isn't cancelled. Hopefully we'll hear more soon.