Mighty No. 9 Platform Survey Faces Errors, Causing Delay

Mighty No 9 finally went “gold” at the beginning of May,
announcing a solid June 21st release date for North America and Asia, and June 24th Worldwide. This led to the Mighty No. 9 Twitter account having a big morning. It started by announcing the final round of it’s platform survey had gone underway.

Even on the Kickstarter page itself, the team advertised it as the most vital backer survey of them all.

The results of the previous surveys will not count towards your reward selection, so even if you have chosen your platform in a previous survey please take the time to give us your answer again!

Any backers who have not chosen their preferred platform by the deadline will be given a Steam key and DRM-free PC download by default.

According to the Twitter account, it takes time for the survey to reach every backer. With 70,000 backers, there is a hard limit to how many messages can be sent per day. Apparently there was an error, causing the survey to be put on hold according to a tweet.

This platform survey is incredibly important to determining the backer’s preferred delivery platform, so it’s definitely discouraging to see the Mighty No 9 community having to weather one more storm. The comments section still seems lost, despite that update from the Mighty No 9 Twitter.


In the meantime, a Mighty No 9 leaker known as “ProtoFaggot” has gone through the game and made a walkthrough of the June 2015 Xbox 360 build. You can check out his playlist of videos here. SPOILERS FOR THE WHOLE GAME WITHIN.