GRIM.exe Joins Epic’s Paragon Early Access Today


Epic Games has confirmed that Paragon’s latest Hero, GRIM.exe, is now playable for all Early Access users.

You can get the lowdown on the character in the overview video below:

GRIM, the imp, controls a sentry bot and is capable of powerful long-range attacks. GRIM.exe is one of five Hero Master Challenges who will be included with the Paragon: Essentials Edition, which launches at retail on June 7th.

“His pulse cannon features a passive with bonus damage every eight seconds. His other abilities allow GRIM.exe to shield himself, slow enemies, or knock them back. His Gyro Targeted Force Orb ultimate homes in on a target while passing through objects and non-Hero units,” Epic says.

All Paragon Heroes will be free and GRIM.exe is no exception.

A beta for the game is planned for this summer but you can sign up now for Early Access on PlayStation 4 or PC. You can find out more about GRIM.exe here.

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