Game Gear games coming to 3DS in March

Japan will be seeing its first batch of Game Gear games on the Virtual Console next month as the promised re-releases start to flood onto the 3DS shop. Previously confirmed in March 2011, I can't believe it's taken a year to get three titles onto the store, but at least there's a decent selection. So far, these have only been confirmed for Japan, although news of a Western release could be coming before the launch date.

The first three Game Gear games on the 3DS will be Shinobi, Dragon Crystal and Sonic Chaos sequel Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble. The games will each cost ¥300, a little under four dollars/£2.50, although thanks to tax and the like you can probably expect a little more than that, especially in the UK.

Game Gear Virtual Console releases might be one of the things discussed by Nintendo in today's press conferences, so watch this space.