Custom Dark Souls 3 PlayStation 4 Looks Astonishing

Custom consoles are not that unusual with the common official bundle often times offering a custom painted plastic chassis. However, the real unique sculptures come from artists like Vadu Amka who gave a Dark Souls 3 custom PlayStation 4 the royal treatment.

Thanks to Kotaku, we spotted this Dark Souls 3 themed PlayStation 4 console that was created with rosewood and brushed aluminum to give it a truly unique and very Dark Souls kind of feel. The results are remarkable and it’s truly a piece of art, one that any Dark Souls 3 fan would drool over.

While you can take a look at the custom Dark Souls 3 PlayStation 4 within the gallery below, it’s worth noting that this is not the first custom console Vadu Amka has created. Taking a look at the official website for this graphic artist and painter, you’ll see that he’s worked on consoles such as a GameCube, Xbox 360, Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo 64, to even controllers. All of which, mind you, are themed around various video games such as The Legend of Zelda or Tomb Raider.

These are the type of consoles that I would love to see offered officially in the exclusive bundles by Microsoft and Sony, but it would take a truly skilled artist to capture the amount of detail and perfection that Vadu Amka offers.