Modern Warfare 3: Balanced Guns a Matter of Perception, says Infinity Ward

modern warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 offers a veritable armory of weapons, weapon modifications, and skills. As such, it plays host to numerous balance issues that otherwise detract from the competitive multiplayer experience.

In an interview with NowGamer, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling addressed the balance issues. "I think ideal balance is possible, but perfect balance is subjective to the individual player," he said. "So if we nerf shotguns, the people who love shotguns are going to be angry, and if we buff shotguns, the people who love shotguns will be happy, but everyone else will be upset."

Bowling described the ideal balance as an "entirely subjective" issue which "depends on [players] preferred playing styles."

When asked about Infinity Ward's plans regarding the Type 95 rifle, a weapon most commonly touted as being imbalanced due to its ease of use and high damage potential, Bowling shrugged off the concerns by saying the weapon's low barrier to entry made it "only natural that it’s the gun that gets the most comments."

"I think it’s more perception over reality," he added, "that leads people to believe it’s a better weapon than something like the MK14."