Darkest Dungeon’s Town Events Are Almost Here


Darkest Dungeon is about to get its long-awaited Town Events update, which has just been dated for release on May 19. The new update will allow players to trigger new events to happen every time they return from a quest.

The events, of which there are over 40, are varied and offer a multitude of opportunities for players to earn something for their adventurers. The developers sent over a couple of examples of what those events might be.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Over 40 town events, complete with custom art!
  • Some events are linked to Gather and Activate quests, increasing the utility of those quests that require inventory space!
  • Toggle Town Events OFF, if desired, via the Options Menu. However, they are mandatory for NG+, just like other gameplay defaults.
  • Credits! Crowdfunding backers ($20+) will now be listed. The game creators will now be listed as well. 🙂

The update will be available across Steam, GOG, Humble Store, and the Mac App Store. It’s also available in the “coming_in_hot” Steam-only beta preview on May 13 should you wish to try it out early.