Cliff Bleszinski Wants LawBreakers To Improve The Shooter Genre


Shooters, in general, have become over saturated within the market. There are constant releases and while some are commercial successes, others have fallen by the wayside. With the amount of AAA shooter-based video games, there’s a clear trend that Cliff Bleszinksi is taking a notice to and it’s something that he’s hoping to change when it comes to his next big video game release, LawBreakers.

Speaking to the Examiner, Cliff Bleszinksi had given some insight as to what he wishes to change in the shooter genre with his upcoming video game launch LawBreakers. For instance, some of these changes seem minor, but it’s something that CliffyB would love gamers to notice.

“My biggest frustration is a lot of these games are technically shooters but they don’t feel like core shooters. It’s a lack of general crunchy feedback in a lot of these games.”

Take for example the noise you hear when you shoot an enemy. Often times it’s the thud type sound effect rather than something squishy as you pierce your enemy’s armor and slice through flesh. While minor, its these little effects that may allow LawBreakers to standout.

Most of all, Cliff Bleszinski wants to do away with the grind system that so many shooters come packed with. Bleszinski describes leveling up as feeling like a rat on a treadmill rather than having something to keep players with something of interest to resonate with.

“A lot of them are great, but one of the big things I’ve seen as a trend is the grind. There’s this whole thing where you have to get your levels up and you kind of feel like a rat on a treadmill or something. For us, we’re thinking about the verbs that we have in this game. What are you doing moment to moment? Is it going to be fun? Is it going to resonate with people? Then we’ll figure out how we’re going to expand…”

As for LawBreakers, currently, Cliff Bleszinski’s studios, Boss Key Productions, is looking for players to sign-up and enjoy an alpha version of the PC game. So far there is no indication as to when the full game will launch into the market other than a release at some point this year.