Halo 5 “Memories of Reach” Coming This Month

Halo 5
‘s Memories of Reach update includes new Armor Reqs and the return of the Infection game mode, along with other changes.

The new armor Reqs are based off of Halo: Reach’s Emile, Jorge, and Jun, and include Indomitable, Intruder, and Vigilant variants.

Gamespot uploaded an awesome gallery of new images showcasing these new reqs.

A few weapon tweaks are expected with this new update.

The Plasma Caster has been fine tuned to help the “indirect fire” mechanic. Cluster grenades will be more effective, the charge shot will have less arc, and the regular grenade will explode faster after bouncing.

The Hydra Launcher’s tweaks focus on fixing the splash damage radius. Recoil has been reduced, rocket splash damage will be increased, and the Typhon variant can now lock onto 3 enemies at once.

The most notable feature of Memories of Reach is the return of Infection mode. 12 players play four 3-minute rounds, where normal Spartans have to fight off infected players, who have Smart Scope, Stabilize, and Thrust equipped.

It comes with a set of new medals.

If you recall, this free DLC schedule was released a few months back.


It seems as if we’re nearing the end of the free content spree. Hopefully 343 has more surprises in store.

Check out the full notes here.