Windows 10 Strikes Again: ProGamer Erik Flom Latest Victim

Not satisfied with interrupting the Weather, Windows 10 hit a ProGamer during a livestream.
After a nearly nine hour CS:GO multiplayer marathon stream, a new foe entered the game. Erik was able to stream the updating process, and he made the best of the unexpected interruption. Flom was initially shocked and very confused seeing this update take place. “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?” he shouted. Then he proceeded to become angry, shouting expletives at his monitor. Next, came the bargaining phase. This Windows Update was going to happen. Erik realized he couldn’t stop it. “Lets see if we can get this back up,” he said to the stream. “HURRY UP!”


“WE TURNED OFF EVERYTHING!!” Erik explained. He thought he could avoid this catasprohe. But then the update reached 85% and that made Erik excited. He thought he would make it back to his match in time somehow. He cheered on Windows 10 saying “Come on, do it for daddy,” to his screen.

Flom resumed his daily streaming routine as normal. But he knew Windows 10 would come back soon in the future.

You can watch it happen yourself here.