Alan Wake Gets PC Launch Trailer

Remedy has released a launch trailer for the PC version of Alan Wake, which hits Steam later this week.

A modified version of a teaser for the 360 version that debuted way back at X10, the trailer shows off the PC version's improved graphics, with a few different gameplay shots to mix things up. (For added fun watch them both at once and try to spot the differences!)

In addition to the core game, the PC version will also include the two downloadable episodes Remedy released for the 360 version, The Signal and The Writer. The entire package will set you back a relatively modest $29.99.

The long-awaited PC port of Alan Wake is out on Steam this Thursday, February 16, with other digital distributors following shortly after. A boxed retail release, published by Nordic Games, will be out on March 2, in both a standard and oh-so-fancy Collector's Edition.

A downloadable follow-up, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, will be out exclusively on XBLA February 22.