Meet Cradle, the Prettiest Indie Game You’ve Never Heard of

Allow us to introduce you to an indie game you'll soon be awaiting with bated breath, Cradle.

The debut project of the Kiev-based (and rather awesomely named) Flying Cafe for Semianimals, Cradle is an immersive first-person adventure game in the vein of Frictional's cult hit Amnesia, albeit without all the pants-wetting.

Set in a sci-fi infused futuristic rendition of the Mongolian wilderness, Cradle tasks you with repairing your companion, a beautiful mechanical girl. To get her back in working shape, you'll need to explore the hills and a nearby rundown amusement park.

As you can see from the first gameplay trailer, there's already plenty to be excited about. The setting and visual style are hauntingly beautiful, the puzzles look equal parts intuitive and clever, and the story is just mysterious enough to leave me wanting more.

Cradle is scheduled for release in Spring 2012, so expect to hear a whole lot more about the game in the very near future.