Obsidian Asks Gamers What Their Kickstarter-Funded Game Should Be

Lady of Pain

Double Fine's success with Kickstarter may have a huge impact on how games are developed. It certainly looks like Obsidian Entertainment's Chris Avellone is serious about making the suggestion to use Kickstarter to fund their next game a reality.

Obsidian has posted an official forum thread within its community forum to take suggestions from gamers as to what game they should make, were they to fund the development through Kickstarter. Many suggestions have, thus far, been for a new turn-based isometric RPG, with dialogue and choices inspired by Planescape.

If Obsidian + Kickstarter = ?

All of Double Fine’s success from Kickstarter has been inspiring.


The idea of player-supported funding is… well, it’s proof certain genres aren’t dead and sequels may have more legs than they seem. And the idea of not having to argue that with a publisher is appealing.

Out of curiosity, if Obsidian did Kickstart a project, what would you want to see funded? (You can respond in comments or to @ChrisAvellone on Twitter, whichever you prefer.)

* I only use all caps for sarcasm and shouting. And for the Think Tank in Old World Blues for comedy value.

Be sure to head on over to the forum to tell you what you'd like to see them make.