Competitive Collectable Card Game “Duelyst” Releases For Free Today on PC and Mac

After six months of open beta Duelyst finally launches today on PC and Mac, and it’s free. Counterplay Games are a combination of developers with experience on games like Diablo 3, League of Legends and Rogue Legacy. Duelyst is a blend of rapid-fire card gaming, tactical combat and squad building, and it’s a competitive title, but won’t be making it’s way to the eSport scene anytime soon.

“We don’t consider ourselves an eSport, since that’s a very top-down approach and mentality that we don’t believe in,” Keith Lee states, Counterplay Games founder.


However, Counterplay Games is currently hosting a one-off Duelyst tournament with a $5,000 prize. The developers are ready to shift into eSports, if that is indeed what the fans want. For now, Duelyst will boast in-game tournament tools and features that make it simple for gamers to connect and battle. Lee states these options are new in collectable card games, and will change the way we play competitively.

Duelyst offers options for casual and competitive players. It’s an easy to learn, hard to master collectable card game at heart with deep turn-based combat.

“Our ultimate goal is to establish a competitive skill-based strategy game that can be played for many years to come,” Lee says. “We want players to know that they’ve invested both time and money in a title they can enjoy with an active community years from now.”

You can get the game here.