Gamebreaking Bugs Continue To Plague The Division, Players Are Upset

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It started only four days after release. The first signs of cheaters began to pop up in The Division.  The initial gamebreaking loading bugs persisted for at least a month after release.

But a few days ago, the “Incursion Loot Farm” glitch was formally explained. By glitching through the Falcon Lost mission on the “Challenging” difficulty, players can acquire 40 phoenix credits, top level “240” gear, and other assorted high level drops.

In the interest of transparency this is an explanation of the loot farm in Falcon Lost. It’s not exactly a big secret but people are trying to keep it hush-hush. As with other loot exploits, the casuals will suffer the most. This is why I make this post: in the interest of openness.

The poster makes an important point here. The players who don’t have the time to grind their way to the top ranks will be crushed in combat by these glitch and exploit cheaters that acquired these intended rare items unfairly.

The focus on player vs player combat in the Dark Zone, combined with the lack of ramifications for people who used the Incursion glitch, have caused a reaction in recent posts on The Division subreddit.


A hotfix was released to address many of these problems (including the deleted character glitch), but there was a cost to that.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the Incursion weekly rewards will not be granted this week. They should work as intended concluding next weeks maintenance.

Many posters on the subreddit have reached their limits about how much they’re willing to deal with. From “Massive! This is Getting Embarrassing and Disabling the Weekly Reward Was the Last Thing You Should Have Done“:

Now that you have disabled the weekly rewards for everyone, you have disappointed everyone. Over the last few days I would say the general mood of the subreddit was supporting Massive, thanks for fixing things quickly, exploiting is bad etc. This morning the mood feels different. People are laughing at the fact that when you fix something, people find another way to exploit it so quickly. Disabling the weekly reward has seen the mood shift from “fuck the exploiters” to “Fuck Massive”.

That sentiment was shared with other top threads as well. Another user called for patience:

It just feels like they didn’t expect all these problems and now they’re so overwhelmed and it seems like the problems are now just stacking on top of each other. Honestly, I guess it is their fault for not having proper tests, but in time I think it’ll level out and they’ll get on top of it (I hope). I guess we just need to be patient.

But the most popular proposal of the moment was by “RlySkiz”, who suggested that Ubisoft delay work on the expansion to focus on fixing aspects of the core game.

I wouldn’t even be mad if they do a good job, i want the game to be good..
Its just that.. there are so many bugs/glitches in the game right now and people aren’t happy how looting/gearing up/crafting works out..

On RNG and gearing/crafting people have compared it with/said for quite a while now it feels like it should be more like Diablo 3.

I still like the game and can play for hours and hours but it makes me sad seeing it shoveling its own grave if this continues..

What i would like to see is a rework on a paradigm shift level that Diablo 3 or FF14 have shown us..
I’m not talking about making the game exactly like theirs; I’m talking about fixing the game as it is right now before throwing in more stuff and then taking their time to seriously consider reworking some of the core gameplay elements of the game…