You’ll Never Believe How This Tracer Cosplayer Took Her Photos

Meet Tasha. She’s a badass Korean cosplayer whose cosplay of Tracer from Overwatch propelled her to the center stage at Blizzard’s recent Heroes of the Storm event. She even did the “Over the Shoulder” butt pose at the event, just days after Blizzard announced that they were replacing it. They added a new pose that made everyone pretty happy, including those who objected to the removal of the original pose.

She’s pretty famous, not just for her role as Tracer, but for previously creating one of the most authentic looking cosplays of Starcraft’s Kerrigan.

In any case, you might be wondering how the cool photographs in which she does some seriously difficult poses were taken. Simple: she had an assistant dressed all in black to lift her up and basically serve as furniture. Neat!

There’s more cosplay on her Facebook page.