Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Locks Select Abilities Behind XP Upgrades

Mirrors Edge Catalyst Faith

What may come to a shock for gamers who played the previously released Mirror’s Edge, the next upcoming installment that will act as a reboot, known as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, will have certain abilities locked away. Turns out if you want to do certain movements such as quick turns, roll landings, and even tucking your feet up, you’ll have to grind away in order to unlock them.

This may be a shock as the first Mirror’s Edge allowed gamers to enjoy all of these various abilities from the very start. In fact, the game is centered around Parkour and with Faith already skilled in the art, there was no need to train the character in order to perform some of the most common movements.

Unfortunately, with the upcoming reboot, that will be the case as several aspects have been discovered as locked until players earn enough XP to upgrade.  Furthermore, there are three sections that gamers can upgrade which include movement, gear, and combat.  Already, gamers have already stated their dislike of the locked abilities online.

Development team DICE senior producer, Jeremy Miller, spoke with Gamespot in order to give their reasoning’s behind the locked abilities.

The RPG element is really about allowing the player to engage in the tools because it is a unique way of interacting with the world.

We’ve got a different control scheme. It’s a little more intuitive and fluid. Part of having this progression in there is to allow you to be able to master your tools, and to give you a little bit of breathing room so you feel confident and excited about what you can do.

We’ve seen a distinct increase in people going, ‘Oh, I’ve got this, how do I use it?’ It’s worked into people’s movement language much more successfully as a result of doing that.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will release starting on May 24, 2016, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.