How To Get The Rainbow Six Siege Outfit For Free In The Division

In The Division, players who own Rainbow Six: Siege on any platform have the option to unlock the outfit in Uplay.

As Ubisoft is hosting a free weekend of Rainbow Six: Siege on the PC right now, its possible for you to unlock the outfit for The Division during this time—and you won’t even have to download R6 Siege to do it.

To unlock it, simply download the Uplay app on the PC, login and add Rainbow Six Siege to your library. You won’t have to download the game.

If your consoles are linked with your Uplay account, you’ll be able to unlock the outfit on your PS4 or Xbox One. Simply head into The Division’s Uplay menu and you’ll see the outfit unlocked. Do so now before the free weekend for R6 Siege ends.

The outfit includes a vest, hat, and pants to make you look like a true counterterrorist agent.