Dark Souls III Steam Deals for Release Week as Pre-Load Continues

On Tuesday, April 12 this week, Dark Souls III will become available in the US and rest of the world. PC gamers rocking it out on Steam can now get discount on the third installment of the die-every-minute action RGP. As of writing, you can pick up to 24% off Dark Souls III Steam key at select retailers.

In terms of deal, GamesPlanet is your best price. This UK based retailer only displays their price in British Pounds, but there you’ll find a 20% discount from £39.99 to £31.99, or 20% off. The percentage discount increases when you jump over the pond. In the US that converts to about $44.99, or a better 25% discount. GamesPlanet doesn’t really have a restriction, so you can buy wold wide except in Japan – where the game is region locked.

Standard Edition (list $59.99)

Deluxe Edition (list $84.99)

As of writing pre-load has been going on since Friday morning. The download for the initial Dark Souls III on a Steam client would be about 17.2 GB so if you have a slow connection, picking up the game now versus later would be prudent. Note that GamesPlanet is currently sending out keys so you can pre-load right away after purchase.

Pre-order Bonuses

If you purchase the game before tomorrow at about 10am Pacific time, you’ll still be elgible to collect on the pre-order bonus of the official game soundtrack. After released, the bonus will be gone- though honestly its not something you need to cry over spill milk about as you’ll undoubtedly be able to find the soundtrack on multiple mediums after release.

For the Digital Deluxe Edition being sold at GamesPlanet and Green Man Gaming, the deal essentially bundles in the Season Pass for a bigger discount. While you can buy the Season Pass for Dark Souls III piecemeal on either retailer, you’ll get a bigger percentage off if you pick both up together, particular when you factor the minor discount the Season Pass is receiving individually at each store.

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